Saturday 30/12/17

Only 1 more day to go

Not done very much yesterday at all, I was a bit sore, well infact really sore and I just woke up even more achy. So I haven’t done owt much cept a bit of music in the morning and then some catch up tv, bought what remains of Edith finch on ps4 while it’s half price and i still aint played it, I used to love the ps4 and the chat n stuff but I dont seem to bother much with the ps4 anymore. I’ve ordered my counselling sessions to cope with it lol, watched the top of the pops Xmas 1984 edition on bbc4 and damn there was some serious good ch00nage on it, so today’s ch00n of the day is coz of this and mainly cos it’s in my noggin.

Well only one more day to go and it’s the last day of 2017, it’s been a strange and also a good year as well in real life and the online one, the summer storms brought me an absolute belter of a person. City unbeaten at home all 2017, and oh yeh its footy today as well although city play tomoz at palace (the crystal one)

Song of the day, bronski beat – smalltown boy

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