School is back 05/09/17

Caitlin on the smiler ride at alton towers

Yes the school holidays are done with, school is back for the lads, caitlin goes back wednesday, to be fair they were getting bored n missing their friends. I bloody hated school full stop. Mind you we had the cane n slipper, did us no harm, only have rheumatoid arthritis lol. My musical mate chatted more earlier, love those chats about serious things n those about absolutely nothing as well, so good. I see my other friend is back off her jollies n i tried breaking the ice n saying hello with humour and yep straight away my humour didn’t work lol so back to plan z, Ah well my vowels always seem to land me into trouble 😊. Actually looking forward to destiny 2 at midnight as I slagged the first game off sommat rotten and was pleasantly surprised by the recent beta for destiny 2 so I had to swallow my words n say I was wrong lol, it was bloody good.

Caitlin coming home from alton towers

No doubt I will be watching another footy match tomorrow, gonna watch Wales n see if they can win again tomoz, not bothered about rep of Ireland as they a European country n Wales are British. Oh yeh the film I watch the nurse was bloody awful, I’m not into cheesy sex comedies, yeh seriously, at least American pie was funny lol, it’s a very kind 2 outta 10, can’t win em all eh, but it goes with the 70s film n tv collections. So what am I doing right now at 1.21am well I did try going sleep but can’t yet as I’m not in the slightest bit tired, so I may try going on diablo 3 now again for a lil bit as it’s quite relaxing killing hundreds of enemies lol.

Finally level 70 in hardcore mode diablo 3

Well just asked kane how school went and he said urgh it’s school,  lol, but at least he has his best friend with him in his form if it’s still called that lol, spent the day chatting with a Chelsea fan lol n it’s not her fault she chose Chelsea, she must have struggled in school lol. Anyway a certain mancunian team is on its way a week on Saturday.  Come on city lol, also finally got the level 70 in hardcore mode trophy, just two trophies to go, the bloody two hard ones. Well just watching footy from the 1970s n wow today’s footy is so pansified compared to these real tough men.

Changed my mind, rep of Ireland are playing Serbia and this is a bigger game than Wales,  so good luck to Wales tonight and hope rep of Ireland beat Serbia tonight. Should be a good game this n it was, Serbia won 1 nil. I bet I end up on my own as usual on dysentry 2 as I’ve got no friends lol awww haha.

Song of the day, pearl jam – do the evolution

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