Sexy soccer satdy 30/09/17

Spent most of yesterday debating to whether pull my tooth out or not with the pliers, everytime I went to pick em up it would just go away n then I’d fall off to kip, and then wake up with it hurting again, watched rock and chips this afternoon the prequel of only fools and horses, the bit del boy said J’adore un soxante-neuf! … and it means ‘I love a 69’  at his girlfriends mams dinner table was hilarious as he clearly didnt understand wat it meant, ive not been able eat much too today, maybe could eat a Mexican woman’s breast lol seeing as my music friend is eating her legs. Haha. The things ya talk about lol, coffee, couches n mexican food lol, Well i went on the xbox1 for an hour or so on fifa 18 ultimate team which is way better now than previous versions of it. Liking it lots.

Watched a horror/suspense film earlier called the ward by John carpenter of halloween n the thing fame and yanno what it was really good, well acted and maybe predictable except the ending which was a nice twist and I didn’t see coming (just like me haha) (single life) lol, the film starred the absolute gorgeous amber heard, and yep she as a very pretty face n hair n arse n everything lol. I’m giving this a very good 7 outta 10 mainly cos of how clever the ending was. And amber heard lol. Today is the big game between Chelsea vs man city, come on you blues, wait, sky blues lol

I’m sat here chuckling to myself, caitlin got her slime set, and everytime she plays n squishes the stuff it just sounds like a woman fanny farming lol, Think I need to get out more haha. Jeezuz the noises the stuff makes lol

Song of the day, u2 – I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

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