Sickly sundy 01/10/17

Chelsea 0 man city 1

No idea why I suddenly fell ill as fook again yesterday, in fact I pretty much spent the day asleep, I think I took too many painkillers cos I had proper nausea. And I woken around 10pm to watch match of the day, yes I missed the Chelsea v city game, gutted cos we won, haha n to my music friend, who are ya, who are ya. Lol, now I gotta record the full highlights at 7am on bt sports. And we remain on top for the boring two week international break. No premiership footy for 2 weeks. Urgh.

Netflix version of Stephen kings book

So what am I doing today, well I got 3 matches to watch today from the premiership and European ones tonight if I still awake, and caitlin goes home today. I be on my own til friday. Just me myself and twitter lol, tooth is still trying it’s hardest to piss me off, what I need is some builders foam to fill the hole in lol or just pull the fooker or goto dentist, nah I don’t like the dentist, sadists lol. Gonna try and watch geralds game on netflix which is the netflix version of the stephen king book of the same name, which was a good book n yes i can read lol. Today’s song of the day is from the 80s and it’s a remix version of a tune I still like, yeh u may be surprised lol.

Wow I’ve hit 2000 visitors and I haven’t even advertised or used the Google tags, only put a link on my twitter profile, that’s it. No idea why I’ve had that many, surely the blog is boring, it’s just me rabbiting on about my everyday grind. Meh caitlin gone home and im already bored n missing her, one hour later n I’m Mr lonely lol, it puzzles me how some don’t love spending time with their kids, I love it. As much as they wind me up sometimes they and me do stupid things that make ya laugh lol, I’m currently watching the darts on sky sports, I like the Dublin double start format.

Song of the day, Enya – orinocco flow (Thomas stoffer remix)

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