So bored! 08/08/17

Lol i was thinking earlier, the other day i was going to just switch the internet off and then i realised i cant because i need it for fuckin netflix lol, and my shopping, jeez cant even get rid of it, was gonna show my kids what it was like when i was their age lol, boring as hell they described it, yet i was never bored as a kid, a ball n a bike and all the hours of daylight n I loved it, yet kids today have everything modern n yet they bored with it and yanno i kinda agree because I can’t get over how boring it’s gone, being online especially twitter and I  so glad of the regulars on there keeping me sane, waiting for friends to come off holiday, waiting to see if bonnie ever comes back chatting, so boring without her, it’s like watching man united play, torture, oh well never mind, I know it’s easier to just give up now, anyway I’m glad of the text saying things are ok and i hope you n u lil one enjoyed ya day at the seaside 🏖. Well I been on vostok Inc and got about 5 hours play n I’m a millionaire many times over lol, onto the next galaxies lol, Think I may just stay on this for a bit n listen to some pink floyd n Metallica again. Footy tonight so may be watching that later on if I can be bothered, yep that fed up footy coming second lol. That is a first lol, just want to do summat mad, crazy or idiotic just to feel a bit normal again lol. Well dunno how many times I’ve listened to pink Floyd’s the dark side of the moon album, lots n lots, infact it graces my walls with two big paintings of its album cover redesigned and another pink floyd picture of all their albums, anyway i will write more later on.

Quote from ‘time’ from pink Floyd’s dark side of the moon

Wow I am so bored, even my phone is useless now, didn’t think it be this hard to miss someone but it is. Miss her n her voice. I wanna text but I know I shouldn’t, it will get easier. I hope.

Not even watched footy tonight, can’t be arsed with it, just sat n staring into the ceiling. Kane on cod bo2 on the xbox1. Bored

On my way to the ordinary world.

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