Soccer Saturday 06/01/18

Well yesterday caitlin turned up after school and noticed the fox and quickly named him Freddy because she didn’t like the slick name, and she was like awwww those eyes lol… Anyway I then started to make my DVD storage shelf thingy and was doing so good putting n screwing all the shelves into position til I noticed I had the crossbar bits out and had to undo it all n start again, only for Caitlin to say that’s why there is instructions yanno to follow while she is playing a game on the ps4, thanks caitlin… after I finished that n shopping got put away we then watched a few films.



Well she chose the films to watch and I even missed the Merseyside derby so we could just get on sofa n chill while both of us eating cheddars biscuits and Philadelphia cheese on em, yum, she chosen ET the extra terrestrial because she said she had never seen it, anyway we watched that n she said it was only ok lol, then she noticed uncle buck and so i had to watch it again having watched it myself earlier in week. Was a nice fun quiet night with my girl. And today ive woken up with my right ankle really hurting, not arthritis pain, different kind of pain, like when you used play footy and ya twisted it, hmmm. 

And so it’s soccer Saturday, fa cup 3rd round day and we at home to Burnley which will be pretty tough, they a decent team Burnley. She will no doubt be going out and I get the footy in peace without the dad you watch too much football in my ear lol, I couldn’t watch any of my new DVDs because of obvious reasons with them being way too adult, although I will introduce her to Beverley hills cop tonight, so good eddy Murphy. Choons of the day are all my feelgoody sing along choons. Enjoy.

Songs of the days, various feel good sing along yanno ya gonna. Oh yeah the scissor sisters video is a bit filthy lol


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