Storm aileen? 13/09/17

Destiny 2 hunter subclass

Well it’s 3 am and I’ve forced myself off destiny 2 lol, and the worrying storm is? Nowhere, it’s a bit windy, that’s it, storm aileen should be called storm ailing I think. Watched footy earlier and wow psg or Paris saint-germain look bloody good, it’s another barcelona or real Madrid or man city lol, an all stars team. Ok hope amy is ok, so selfless in helping others and gets little back in gratitude n appreciation it seems, you carry on what you doing and don’t change, you doing good. Oh I can hear wind, and it ain’t me lol

Hope my other friend enjoyed her night at the footy, pity she went to watch her team play against a 3rd world footy team lol, they will be tending to their sheep when they get home, haha. It’s the turn of my team tonight when we play at feyenoord, always tricky the Dutch, we better bloody win lol, earlier I was on that dodgy Japanese game cos the servers were down on destiny, I’ve no idea what the game is about, it’s just hack n slash lol. Oddballs n pervy as hell the people who made this game. I skip all the cuts scenes n just play the hacking n slashing. Honest lol 😅

Song of the day, Alice in chains – rooster

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