Sultry satdy 07/10/17

Ah well, back to my adult colouring book….

Well yesterday was an uneventful day, apart from my mate keeping me some what sane, thx ar kid. Just not feeling it at the moment, I mean im feeling a fed up still or in other words a bit down. So that is why I not very social at the moment, I watched Ireland v Moldova which Ireland won to set up a decider against Wales on Monday,  should be good. Got my 15 year old lad here this weekend, and straight away he wanted to go on the consoles obviously. Typical innit.

Update: yes I’ve permantly deleted twitter, I’ve had enough of it, i should have stayed off while im not mentally with it at the moment, I’ve got enough shit going on to worry about without twitter adding to it. I will contact my mates through other ways. I ain’t totally gone (maybe just in the head).

I will add more as I go along throughout the day so to that one reader lol keep checking to see if I’ve added more.

Song of the day, lil Louis – French kiss (remix)

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