Sunday 24/09/17

Caitlin the criminal zebra

Well city won 5 nil, some absolutely fabulous play again, pep as em playing so well now, we got champions league on tuesday night then bring on the Chelsea for an hammering lol, fell asleep most of Saturday due to me having a real bad nights sleep while caitlin was playing out with her cousin, then I made some chicken n bacon fajitas which were super yummy, then I watched match of the day to see the goals n then we watched halloween 2 the original one with Jamie Lee Curtis. Caitlin liked it, n I just love this film. Deffo a 9 outta 10 from me still, I love it when some says his name and he tilts his head like a dog does, class.


Then I went on xbox1 and tried out the fifa 18 full game on 10 hour trial cos of ea access, the ps4 version I didn’t like, yet the xbox version is actually good, it’s gotta be the controller as the xbox pad doesn’t seem to hurt my hands as much as the ps4 game pads, pretty weird, well I will add more throughout the day, feeling really tired now. And I woke up today to the most hurtful n annoying head ache I’ve had in a while, all bloody day it’s hurt n tried sleeping it off and it’s just starting to go now after more painkillers, least it took my mind off the usual pain I have, it’s cos I keep forgetting to put my glasses on while watching TV or gaming.

Song of the day, soundgarden – black hole sun


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