Sunday n I’m back 14/01/18

Well after my Caitlin started last Friday with this virus that was flu, its finally nearly gone from her, I had 4 days of feeling absolute shit with high temperatures etc but caitlins cough was so bloody nasty and she kept having those coughing fits where it ends in being sick. Poor lil sod. Also my friend was also ill witg this bloody virus so i hope its not as nasty as what it was here, I start my new treatment tomoz so in 6 to 12 weeks depending if it works or not, I should start getting a bit of ease from the onslaught of rheumatoid arthritis n the irreversible damage it does. She didn’t go on consoles much and i didnt bother much too, think we have played about 5 hours in 5 weeks. 


My southern worker bee friend recommended a little tv programme to watch called taboo, im a fan of stephen knights work like peaky blinders ilk etc, think she only watched it cos it had tom hardy in the nude a lot lol, no really it was fucking awesome, and i binged watched it while not well, watched all 8 episodes in 36 hours, i cant wait for the next series to start now, i love period dramas especially stuff before during or just after the Victorian age, I know this was George 3 rd era but it was good. The soundtrack to this show was awesome too. In my Spotify playlist now.

I’ve hardly watched any football and today it’s a big match between Liverpool v man city, I think it might be the game we actually lose a match, we never do good at anfield, I’d deffo take a draw as a massively good result, dunno if I’m gonna watch it yet, I know me not going to watch a city game lol, I’m not ready for added stress just yet. Just gonna chill and listen to some music or actually watch a film, the DVDs n blurays I bought I still ain’t watched cos they a bit adult for Caitlin to see n hear.

Songs of the day, my 3 fav songs from 2000’s

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