Thank crunchie it’s Friday 19/01/18

Assassins creed syndicate

Well yesterday I didn’t do that much, made a spicy tikka chicken curry which was bloody good n hot lol, chatted with my southern musical cutie friend for a while, and yanno I would be lost without her 🤗, awww ar kid. Well she is so nice, straight to the point and no bull. Mint. So anyway I fell asleep early again but my head ache has eased a little, so that’s ok. Yay I’ve got my rock n roll queen staying the weekend with me again. I’m so looking forward to seeing my girl.

Assassins creed syndicate

Woke up at dickhead o’clock again and I thought hmmm that mate of mine recommended taboo and it’s still in my mind and I seen my assassins creed syndicate game for ps4 which is set in 1800s in London and I thought I just fancy playing that, and remembering that I didn’t play my Jack the ripper DLC, so I spent most of the night on my ps4. Also seen a game called agents of mayhem by those nutcases who made saints row 4 n thought why not.

Songs of the day, for me southern mate. Enjoy ar kid

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