That Friday feeling 05/01/18

So yesterday i spent mainly watching films while I waited for an Amazon delivery, I watched a few John candy films, aww he was deffo taken too soon, such a lovely actor and so funny. I watched the great films planes, trains and automobiles which is just so funny about Steve Martin trying to get home for thanksgiving or as we call in England (a turkey dinner to celebrate the English leaving) and everything goes wrong and he as the most annoying lovable John candy character as his unexpected travelling companion, so funny this film. Then I watched a film that caitlins loves too uncle buck, where he plays a lazy sod who agrees to look after his brothers kids while they go outta town to see to an ill relative, and so he has to look after 2 young kids and a 15 year old stubborn girl who knows everything lol. Great great film.

White gold

Then I watched the footy match between my southern sweety favourite team, spurs v West ham lol, I await the 😠😑 lol, I never understand why most Londoners sorry southerners don’t support West ham, that’s who I would support, they won us the world cup in 1966 afterall. Lol. Took the Amazon delivery and these are the DVDs I got. Yes I’m a collector of 1960s and 70s stuff. 

SS experiment camp 1976 (bluray)

The Valley (obscured by clouds) 1972 (bfi flipside bluray)

Up the junction 1968 DVD remastered

Venus in furs 1970 DVD remastered

Queenies castle (Diana dors complete tv series 1970 to 72) DVD

Vampyros Lesbos 1970 DVD remastered

Vampyres (daughter’s of Dracula) 1974 DVD restored version

White gold series 1 (hilarious tv series set in 80s) DVD 

Beverley hills cop collection (all 3 films) (bluray)

Straw dogs ultimate 40th anniversary edition DVD remastered

Soldier blue 1970 DVD 

Vampyres scene 😈

I was going to get the bfi flipside of the film called more but they flew the price up so I’m going to wait for a drop. I got the rare and quite expensive vampyres 1974 on DVD so I’m well happy. Now just got to wait for Caitlin to come after school and after I’ve put the DVD storage thingy together we can organise and put away my ever increasing collection of dvd classics which are scattered everywhere.

Songs of the day, various choons from the 2000’s enjoy 🀘there are some mint choons below and stacys mom is a good video 😈

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