Thoughts 03/08/17

Update, I have to stop feeling like this, n im sure this is getting on peoples nerves too, is to try n give it up, let it all go. I have been weaning myself off twitter for past few days n I’ll continue this. Facebook and online gaming is easy, Twitter is my problem. Hope things went well for bonnie’s family today as I ain’t heard nowt, I’d switch my Internet off if it wasn’t for bloody netflix n kids, anyway i will update again tomorrow now.

Sat thinking most of the night which is now 3 am because yesterday was such a weird quiet day, thought about the usual trivial things like footy n what to watch n forcing myself to eat sommat and the more important things like my kids, my bonnie n lastly myself. I tend to put myself last nowadays, I used to be selfish as fuck when I was young (yes in the days of black n white and 3 channel tv lol), having kids changes that, now I just like to see or hear about the smile on faces being unselfish does for others. It’s a good feeling.

Also sat thinking about my future, I never think of that cos to be fair I never cared about the future much and I ain’t getting my hopes up on this still. Sat thinking n worrying about 😍 and is she ok, feeling down ain’t nice (hugs). I just wish everything but the best for her in her life whether I’m a part of it or not. She has no idea what n how much i feel for her, like a best friend n everything rolled into one.

I So don’t wanna lose her but if I do there nothing I can do about that except be happy for her, jeez im doing it again, coming second to myself lol. Usually the hardest choice is just to let go and if they don’t come back it was never meant to be, an old but oh so wise saying. Just My thoughts. 

      1. Ascent - Stellardrone

Music by Stellardrone – Ascent (free to play music)

Been playing cosmic star heroine and what a great little game, turn based rpg in 16bit style, a little hidden gem of a game. I’ve not done much at all today except 5 mins on twitter, and messing about with plug ins for WordPress. Make that another 5 mins on twitter, why is it so addictive.

😍 I Miss u bonnie summat bad. 😍

😍 I miss the chatting. 😍

😍 Everything 😍

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