Thursday 01/02/18

Love this pic, waiting for wolfenstein 2 to drop in price

Well after a few days break from blogging and deffo feeling like this blog is becoming ground hog day and boring to those who read it, I’m back. Been a bit meh n suffering side effects from the new medication n even started getting sore at the injection points, not a good thing. Well bought a few more films to watch even though my back catalogue of films n tv series is getting too much, think I better watch the fucking things lol. Been waiting for Amazon delivery, I need my new microwave and I check my order status and they attempted delivery, erm nope you did not. No fucker knocked on my door, So gotta wait another day now. Fuck.

Where is my order, Amazon?

Bought 3 more games for the ps4, okami hd, odinsphere and finally hellblade all of which were got in the sale, damn you Sony and your sales lol, two of these games are basically remastered ps2 classics, I finished the agents of mayhem story, few side things to do but it’s done. Not listened to much music this week which is rather odd for me, also the man city juggernaut continues on and we are back to 15 points clear at the top of the league. Great match I watched as well, spurs beat and I mean took the piss out of man United lol.

Song of the day, foo fighters – learn to fly, great video lol

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