Thursday 18/01/18

Terry duckworth shagging his best mates wife, naughty boy, fill yer boots lad lol

After starting yesterday feeling pretty good it soon went downhill, headache is still with me and my motivation to do anything as completely fucked off from me, even doing this is a bit of a struggle, all I want to do is just lie down n close my eyes and go to sleep, which I keep doing a lot since getting over that horrible virus, it gotta have been flu deffo. Even was chatting with my mate on Twitter and then boom, I’m asleep. So now im awake at 1.28 am and im sat in the dark, mind you i like the dark but im an odd twat lol, doing this post. Then i will just nod off back to sleep, i know they say sleep is good for you but this is getting a bit too much. I’m rambling on now, sorry. All I did was watch a lot of classic coronation street when I was awake, mind you that’s probably why I fell asleep lol.

Song of the day, pink floyd – shine on you crazy diamond, another fan made video, this is amazing.

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