Thursday 25/01/18

I watched the game last night, I am sure there are a few Chelsea fans who were shouting at the telly lol, I kind of knew arsenal would win, and around 10 times Martin Tyler mentioned man United and Gary Neville wasn’t his co puppet, I mean co commentator. Then i watched a bit of bless this house and fell asleep and woke up with bloody side effects from the injections, headache n nausea, I tried sleeping it off. Still bloody got the head ache but at least the feeling sick gone.

So on with the 1980s ch00ns now and here are my Best 3 songs of the 1980’s, Hazel O’Connor – Will You?, Frankie goes to Hollywood – Welcome to the pleasuredome, The Smiths – What difference does it make?. Honourable Mentions go to visage – fade to grey and Kate Bush – Cloudbusting.

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