Thursdee ar kid 26/10/17

This was us for 2 hours after waiting 2 hours

Well yesterday was an eventful start at 6am, the bloody electric fuse trip box thingy kind of fused lol and all the plugs didn’t work and wouldn’t work at all, the only place that worked was the kitchen, so had no tv, Internet, etc etc. Had about 12 percent on my mobile and managed get emergency electrician out and he had to check all plug sockets then back track to the fuse box and he found the problem,  summat on the board and a new trip fuse and different summat or other. No idea why it went off n he said it’s just wear and tear. Anyway had 4 hours without power.

This audi r8 is fuckin mint

Had more blood taken today because of my liver, so I’ve gotta now wait a week for the results and see if my liver was due to my illness before the last blood test or another underlying problem which I hope there isn’t cos I need to get started on my treatment again cos my arthritis is getting aggressive. Not done much due to another aching day, been hammering forza 7 on the xbox1 though lately n the races are really good, the player one stuff is great unlike the gt sport on ps4 I’ve heard, caitlin goes today (thursday) n she been on my ps4 nearly all the time on gta v. Watching the spurs v West ham match n West ham are winning. Chelsea winning against everton at moment too. At time of me writing this at 9.29 pm Wednesday night. Well that was a great match, in 15 mins West ham score 3 and hang on n beat spurs.

So the 8 teams left are as follows

  1. Man city
  2. Man utd
  3. Arsenal
  4. Bournemouth
  5. Bristol city
  6. Leicester city
  7. Chelsea
  8. west ham

Song of the day, The connells – 74 75

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