I wasnt expecting that today 06/08/17

Yes I’m gonna watch this all again, so good

The ending of a good friendship hurts. A lot. πŸ™ it really does.

I will do this now before the netflix because daughter won’t come off bloody roblox yet, after having the quietest Saturday on record, mind u it was a footy day lol, i did some thinking and the conclusion is its time to move on with new things and just stop trying as much with the old ones. Also im just gonna be myself again with my dry humour and if people don’t like it then tuff, its also time to make some more new friends and see how the other people live lol, wish my gal would get off this roblox, jeez it’s crap lol. I got new followers today so that’s cool n I wonder how many have read this blog or even just noticed it’s here, I’d be nosey n look lol, I’d be amazed if anyone actually spent the time to read all this stuff I write lol. It’s gotta be frigging boring to some lol

Horror fans….. 😈

Still not chosen a bloody film to watch seeing as we’ve seen nearly every horror film except a few she ain’t allowed cos of naughty scenes etc, amazon prime is useless for horror films, all it seems to promote is bloody films I’m not into like romance, comic book and comedy.

Cmon netflix and amazon n add more horror stuff instead of the usual tripe lol, got a can of gin n tonic again n I’m no drinker lol one can and I’m anyone’s as the saying goes lol, anyway il add more throughout the day if anyone actually talks to me. Lol 

OK we are watching American poltergeist and it’s watchable but the acting is a bit like cardboard cutouts lol, bit lame, upto now this is a 3 outta 10 film, now we watching an Australian film called these final hours about this guy whose life as to change cos he saves this little girl, looks good and yes it was good, really good film as always from Australia, Deffo 8 outta 10. I enjoyed it. And still my insomnia is here, still bugging me and I think it’s time I seen my doc about it. Today I try n make new friends, and see if I can, my old self is back fully recharged and witty as fuck.

Not done much since this morning as like I said I wasn’t expecting today to happen like it did n what it brought, it’s all turned a little sad. Good friends are hard to find and hard to keep. Gutted n all the best to u.

The ending of a good friendship hurts. A lot. πŸ™ it really does.

Not done nothing much in past few hours except watch kane on assassins creed ezio collection on ps4 as caitlin gone back to her mam, switched my fone off  for a few hours n then back on n nothing. πŸ™ so it’s Deffo done with. πŸ˜•. Ah well nowt I can do now but move on. Just so did not expect today to be like it was, I’m gonna watch netflix or maybe just listen to music, I will do my best to try n sleep.

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