Tis Monday 15/01/18

Well Caitlin went around half 2 yesterday n I fell asleep not long after and I’m kind of glad I didn’t watch city play at Liverpool, it deffo would of stressed me out, well the long unbeaten run comes to end, I knew it would eventually. So after waking up I sat around deciding what to watch, and eventually decided to watch the stuff I recently bought, first off with the digitally remastered film called soldier blue which i have to say looked bloody real good than the grainy vhs i watched in the 80s. I just checked and I’ve spent around 10 hours in total on both consoles in last 4 weeks, wow i think ive deffo become bored, or I’ve become boring. Probably me being boring.

Soldier blue 1970 (Swedish Violent Western) synopsis, A young woman, Cresta Lee (Candice Bergen), and young US Private Honus Gant (Peter Strauss) are joined together by fate when they are the only two survivors after their group is massacred by the Cheyenne. As they travel through the desert with very low supplies, hiding from the Indians, they are spotted by a group of Kiowa horsemen. Under pressure from Cresta, Honus fights and seriously wounds the group’s chief. Eventually, after being pursued by a white trader (played by Donald Pleasence) who sells guns to the Cheyenne, but whose latest shipment of weapons Honus has destroyed, Honus finds himself in a cave where Cresta has left him to get help.

She arrives at Fort Reunion, only to discover that her fiancé’s cavalry plans to attack the peaceful Indian village of the Cheyenne the following day. She runs away on a horse and reaches the village in time to warn Spotted Wolf, the Cheyenne chief. The chief does not recognize the danger and, using the U.S. flag, rides out to extend a hand of friendship to the American soldiers.

The soldiers, however, obey the orders of their commanding officer to open fire on the village. After a cavalry charge decimates the Indian men, the soldiers enter the village and begin to rape and kill the female survivors. Honus protests and attempts to disrupt the massacre, to no avail. The film is a classic western, yes it’s very violent and I think it’s still unavailable in usa not because of its violence but the way the film portrays the US cavalry in this film, the ending battle is brutal but that aside its a bloody good film, 8 outta 10.

Next film I watched was the 1969 DVD digital remaster film called Venus in furs, Erotic shocker by cult director Jess Franco featuring a jazz score by Manfred Mann. James Darren stars as Jimmy Logan, a jazz trumpeter in the throes of a breakdown who is sucked into a perverse mire of pyscho-sexual horror after finding the dead body of a girl he had watched being stripped and whipped the previous evening at a party. Now Jimmy, along with his sultry girlfriend, a kinky lesbian, a depraved playboy and the mysterious and insatiable beauty Wanda Reed (Maria Rohm), begin a journey that may well lead them all straight to hell… The soundtrack was actually quite good in this film and I don’t even like jazz but this was good and I loved the late 60s fashion and imagery. For a 1969 film this is quite a kinky film, I’m gonna give it a 7 outta 10 for the rich people’s derived sex games they get upto (even if its all in the mind) lol. God knows what they get up to these days. Mind you sex is sex Lol

Song of the day, Nine inch nails – Something I can never have 

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