Tis sundy 12/11/17

It’s remembrance Sunday,  seeing as I brought up with my grandparents who did their bit for ww2 and they always remembered each armistice Sunday,  I always think of them n the others who stopped us all speaking german. It’s funny actually cos only me would end up with 3 kids who are all half German lol, the irony lol. Well me and caitlin had a bloody good day yesterday, watching funny stuff and proper belly laughing at each other as we did stupid things to try n make us laugh. Even went on twitter n chatted with that southern musical sweety pie, I got a funny feeling I’m gonna have to watch Britain’s got Talent next year ar kid lol. β™©πŸŽΌπŸŽ€πŸŽ™


Watched Denmark v Ireland which was a dull boring nil nil draw, we then watched men in black 3 which was mediocre at best n then watched an horror film called boo!, pity about the wooden acting, even caitlin noticed the stale acting, the story n stuff was ok but let down by acting. Went on forza 7 n threw my rs1800 escorts mk 1 round lol, I love ford escorts n fiestas, capris n Sierra cosworth cars. Also got the abarth fiat spider, nice lil car. So let’s see who remembers this tune from late 90s.

Song of the day, olive – you’re not alone

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