Tis Thursday the 04/01/18

Vampyres 1974 poster

Well this is going to be a rather short post today because yesterday I did nothing but sleep off a migraine headache, woke up at 8ish in morning with some git kicking a can inside my head and prodding me with a red hot poker above my eyes. So I went back to sleep and woke up no shit, 12 hours later, no waking up, a straight 12 hour kip, let’s say I soon had to shake the hand of my manager n empty the bladder lol. So apart from that n watching the second half of arsenal v Chelsea which I predicted to finish 2 each lol, that’s it, nowt else.

Got some new DVDs n blurays coming sometime today n a new storage thingy to put em on, deffo need caitlins help organising this lot, got way too many DVDs everywhere lol, hope she likes her little fox soft toy, it’s deffo cute, anyway lets go with another feel good choon today n summat else. 

Song of the day, Outkast – Hey ya / La roux – Bulletproof

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