Tiz thursdy innit 23/11/17

Just bloody gorgeous

Well yesterday was a tv bonanza lol, watched two footy matches, Chelsea qualified and man ure got beat in basel (Switzerland) which left me like this….clears throat…..hahaha wahahahahahaha, that’s better lol, ok watched I’m a celebrity (doesn’t that southern posh girl from chelsea look like an alien lol) and Masterchef and got peaky blinders to watch today and my usual coronation Street 1980s episodes lol, well Sally was fit back then, eye candy. That’s what I went for in the 80s lol, mind you i was that frisky back in my teenage years id have fucked the crack of dawn if it had pubes n a pulse haha, oh I did lol I knew there was a dawn lol, well dunno where that come from, oh the innuendo’s lol. Well what to do today, not watching footy tonight, shock horror, catching up on my tv stuff and playing some forza 7 and fifa 18.

Song of the day, massive internal complications – Strawberry wine

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