Too quiet now 06/09/17

Doing this just before midnight, just before destiny 2 says ready now u can play, and today been really quiet, infact too quiet, I miss the noise from the kids and telling em get me things lol, I got a real good friend who I chat with everyday but I also still miss my other friend and it’s a bit sad that I ain’t even following or even on ps4 anymore, I simply miss gaming online with ya n having a laugh. Even the fone as not beeped, and I still look as well lol.

So what to do today, well there no bloody footy on so gonna try n watch some dvds tomoz while eating my jalapeƱo burritos that I make, love those chilli things. I will add more later as I’m sure destiny 2 will take a bit of my time. Yep it took 4 hours of my time, eyes are closing at half 4 lol well what do I think of the game, firstly gameplay is so much better than before, smoother n faster mechanics make a better shooter, it’s faster at loading, the map system is still like the first one a bit rubbish.

Screenshot destiny 2 psnid: WickerMan73

I’m old school n like menus lol, the visuals are gorgeous considering how much is happening on screen and online, the audio is top notch bungie as always, pretty good game, it will be so much better with ya friends, doing Co op or 4 player Co op will be so good, i cant rate this game after 4 hours of play, I need at least 20 plus hours of gameplay, but from what I’ve played already I’m glad I bought it. This be great with the stevenage council estate lara croft playing along side us all. Still be going on diablo 3 though til I get that platinum lol.

Well after 5 hours sleep, it’s catch up time with sky sports news and then I’m going back on destiny 2 n probably on my own or with online randomers. Recorded more of the big match to watch at my convenience and I love watching them as well, also recorded the second part of the gold series the only fools and horses story. Hope the kids are enjoying being back at school, my princess caitlin is back today, I know she as missed school n cant wait for it. Gonna watch Italian horror tonight, the church. The Demons all trap the priests and church goers into the church of satanic spirits, sounds like a Gordon’s gin n tonic advert lol.

Today was a surprisingly good day, I will save it all for tomoz blog. Read on.

Song good of the day, pink floyd – another brick in the wall part 2 (film video)

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