Tuesday 16/01/18

This be a good tattoo of zombie babes

Yesterday I finally started my treatment, had nurse here for 30 mins to make sure I didn’t react to injection (anapholatic shock) etc, so I dunno how long this will take to start take effect and get some benefit from, last time it took around 2 months before my body started to benefit from. These new injections are a lot easier than the last lot I had, just like a weak wasp sting for 15 seconds n that’s it for once a week. Anyway I hope it works and I just gotta wait now n see. I hope my friend can get some sleep, the few hours kip maybe might of made her feel like a zombie babe.

Ok im watching the 1976 bluray remasterd uncut film SS Experiment Camp (also known as SS Experiment Love Camp; original release title: Lager SSadis Kastrat Kommandantur) is a 1976 Nazi exploitation film directed by Sergio Garrone. The plot concerns consensual sexual experimenting with female prisoners of a concentration camp ran by Colonel von Kleiben (Giorgio Cerioni), a Nazi officer who needs a testicle transplant after being castrated by a Russian girl. It gained infamy in the 1980s for its controversial themes and a public advertising campaign that involved obscene, suggestive posters.


The film was banned in some countries, including the United Kingdom, where the film was subject to prosecution as one of the films known as “video nasties“; a title used in the press and by campaigners that came to be used for a list of films that could be found obscene under the Obscene Publications Act. It’s funny watching this now because I’ve seen a lot worse than this, I rate this film a low 5 outta 10, nice remaster but I bought this cos I used to watch this on my old VHS player back in the day, seeing all those naked women as a teen lol and still cringing at that cock n balls experiment lol.

Songs of the day, tribute to Dolores O’roirdan of the cranberries who sadly passed away.

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