Twosdy reminiscing 03/10/17

Gotta fix this into lads pc

Well another night of falling asleep at 7pm, I mean wtf, well at least I won’t be asleep tonight, got to fit a new psu to my lads pc, the one in it ain’t good enough, I mean a 200 watt, he needed at least 500 watt. So I haven’t been on the consoles still, can’t believe I payed for two full price games and I ain’t hardly even been on em, yanno I think it’s time I concentrate more on my films n music again and just leave the gaming behind, especially multiplayer, I need some new ones, got a nice backlog of Italian n French stuff to get yet. It’s so boring on my own, think I would of gone potty if wasn’t for twitter and my mates. Especially the musical variety, yeh most know who you are. Lol, I just keep you as my musical mate cos that’s what u r.

1st record I ever bought

Well sat here thinking and I remember once asking my dad this, how old was I when that car slammed into the parked car n the driver was dead, my dad said wow u have a good memory, apparantly some old guy had an heart attack while driving, poor sod. I was 4 years old, by then I could tell the time by heart, I had a timex watch at 4 years old which I still have to this day, only the poor winder as broken, I gotta get it fixed. I remember the first single I ever bought was the police – message in a bottle and the first album was the war of the world’s by Jeff lynn,  jeez lol, I was a fuckin tripod in the school play lol, seems about right, I am from another planet, hopefully not Uranus lol.

My actual old high school, pendlebury later renamed swinton high

I remember getting my first pair of Adidas trainers, Adidas kick, nearly everything as always been Adidas,  bloody Germans lol, I never worn the school uniform, I’d turn up in LeviS and always a Fred Perry white t shirt, so I could be sent home, til they called my bluff and made an exception so I’d attend, so I was screwed. Id get my register done in the afternoon and bunk off lol. I was on report from 1St year til 5th lol, little pink card i had to get signed from each lesson, so i just forged their signatures lol, I did a milk round at 5am being up at 4am before school with my old man, til I divorced em all lol at age 11 n went living with my grandparents and never went back.

Some girls dressed like this when they wasn’t in trackies lol

Then I turned into a little spoilt shite who hung about with all the wrong uns or right uns in my eyes, mind u it was my cousins lol, from 13 to 21 I was an horrible sod lol, how the fook I ended up with lots n lots of gfs I will never know, my gran god bless her said she was sick of trying to remember who was who on the phone lol, you act nice n you get nowhere, act like a dick with the crowd n you got it lol, girls are strange haha. God those were happy days, me on my bmx and my kuwahara mountain bike which is worth a fortune nowadays. Girls used to wear these denim shorts with big thick black tights on and big baggy white t shirts, used to piss us off cos it was like a chastity bloody lock, the trackies were so much easier to get into haha, and now I’m a parent of a daughter, and she is not going outside at 13 onwards, no fucking way, i know what lads i like, i was one lol

The prized car everyone wanted to ‘show off’ lol

I miss my youth, yeh I was a little shit at times, well mostly all the time haha, but I was a teen who rebelled, I hated rules. I miss those days of us all sitting on the co-op wall and watching all the stolen cars do donuts and handbrake turns n getting chased while listening to the latest ch00ns on car radios n big boom boxes, with lots of girls around us, telling ya shameless had nowt on us lot lol, some of the things we got up to lol, hope you kind of enjoyed a little of my reminiscing and if you want more then you’ll have to wait til next Tuesday lol, my song of the day is absolute classic. My neighbours love it lol, I can’t get no sleep, more like I can’t stay bloody awake lol

Just finished watching a film called a monster calls about Twelve-year-old Conor O’Malley must face his mother’s terminal cancer, his strict grandmother, his estranged father, and his school bully, Harry. One night at 12:07 a.m., Conor is visited by the tree-like Monster, who tells Conor it has come to tell him three true stories, after which Conor must tell the Monster his own story: the truth behind his nightmare, which Conor refuses to do. The acting from this kid was amazing to watch. Well this is me who watches every kind of scary gory film possible and yet this film left me a blubbering wreck, what a wonderful moving and bloody upsetting film this is, god this film tugs at ya heart, glad I watched this on my own so no one could see the water I mean sweat, yeh it was sweat lol on my face lol, Deffo a 9 outta 10. 

Song of the day, Faithless – Insomnia  (Album version)


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