Unwell urgh 26/09/17

This is just a short post today, not feeling that good. All hot one minute n cold the next with head aches n other aches. No energy n cant be arsed doing nothing at all, tried fifa18 on xbox but just couldn’t concentrate or be generally bothered. Not snuffles or sore throat, just feel wiped out. All I did yesterday was a repeat of sleep n dozing off, watched the footy of course on n off. Went on twitter for about 15 minutes all day, wish I could of got the chicken soup n the hugs down the broadband off me musical mate. I needed be bloody ok this week too with the blood tests, I hope this don’t prolong my waiting for my meds.

Gwg October a great line up

No idea wat to do today, sleep it off and get some more  paracetamol in me, got city v donesk tonight, I hope I feel better later on, not eaten nothing just water, wanna make my spicy korma curry with poppadoms before the city game comes on.

Wow these past 3 days have been really awful, no idea what’s been up with me but had the hots n colds n a killer head ache which thankfully has gone, so wanna say thanks to those who wished me well on twitter which wasn’t very many, ah well I know who u are who wished me well, I really was ill n was on the verge of getting a doc out. Bloody viruses or I’m slowly snuffing it lol. I’m spending more n more time on the xbox1s now lol, not been on the ps4 for awhile, think destiny 2 as been kicked into touch, and I bloody bought the dlc extras too. 

Song of the day chosen by musical mate, dexys midnight runners – come on eileen

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