Urgh day 31/07/17

Well ain’t today been a good one? not! Three hours sleep, Day starts by caitlin breaking her iPhone screen n then wants to go home, kane breaks his ps4 pad simply by dropping it to which I give him one of mine, cmon sony make em stronger than this. These pads are fucking expensive, you could bounce nintendo stuff off the walls. Then i fuck things up even more with bonnie. That’s all messed up now. Been lay here for an hour now thinking of nothing else. Fallen asleep due to silence lol.

I actually got some sleep, lots of lovely sleep. 😊😪😴

You know I have been planning on getting rid of twitter for a while, fair enough yep I’m addicted and all that, but I think cos of the way things are now I may just do it. There is no clyde without bonnie, i would just go back to my music n films. I am still gonna do my blog although if and I do say if I did get rid. I’m so very tempted right now.

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