Wednesday 03/01/18

Caitlins ty beanie boo 23cm cute lil soft toy ‘slick the fox’

After a really rotten few days I gets a phone call, an unexpected phone call that cheered me up no end, a nurse from the hospital told me my tests are ok n I’ve been accepted for treatment at home with these injections that I do myself for my rheumatoid arthritis, good job needles don’t bother me, a lil grab ya flab on yer belly and stick the needle in, so after about 6 to 8 weeks all going well I should finally start to feel some real relief from the spread of this painful horrible twatting cunting disease. 20 plus years of damage to my body, people think it just attacks ya bones, nope it affects ya lungs, eyes, heart, skin, kidneys liver and most of all ya bloody immune system and nervous system, it’s nasty when it wants to be.



Anyway man city finally won a match, after drawing with palace in previous game it was essential we won and we did against Watford, after 22 games, 20 wins and 2 draws is simply not good enough 🤣🤣🤣. I watched Swansea v spurs and somehow spurs got away with having a player sent off again, these referees need to show some consistency. Well it’s arsenal v Chelsea tonight and a nice 2 each draw will do me fine lol. Bought a few 60s n 70s DVDs and blurays and a new DVD storage shelf thingy, got DVDs everywhere n they need organising, Caitlin loves doing this so I’m gonna get her here this weekend to help me, I bought her a lil cutey soft toy that she don’t know about, so it be a lil surprise.

Song of the day, Deee Lite – Groove is in the heart

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