Wednesday 17/01/18

Spent the whole morning listening to a lot of 80s music, then the headache kicked in, hope it’s just a normal headache or not side effects already from that injection. Least no nausea so that’s good. So I lay down at 2pm and boom it’s now 10pm and I’ve eaten nowt, done nowt, and headache still there, its not affected by noise just a dull ache so I now know it’s side effects. Jeez. I went on twitter sharing some 80s choons but I think I’ve become a bit boring on there, mind you I haven’t done much gaming so it’s mainly music and footy I go on about and not many seem to be into it. Even Twitter it seems is finding me boring, oh well.


Anyway I’m now awake at dickhead o’clock and im just sat listening to the hail n wind outside, no tv on no games on (mind you I think my gaming days are very much in decline now) and maybe I might just watch this classic british film from the late 60s. UP THE JUNCTION 1967 – Based on Neil Dunn’s iconic tale of life in London’s swinging sixties, this is a tale of a young, well-heeled party girl who, bored with her affluent Chelsea lifestyle, moves to the industrialised and considerably less well-to-do area of Battersea.

In search of realism she takes a factory job. But she is unprepared for the seedier side of life in an impoversished world of crime, desperation and questionable morality. Stars Dennis Waterman, Suzy Kendall, Maureen Lipman and Adrienne Posta. Some brilliant 60s fashion, scenery and lifestyle in this film, its a deffo 8.5 outta 10. Great film.

Song of the day, pink Floyd – Echoes (This is an amazing fan made video that clearly a lot of time and love has gone into, please watch this amazing video to sit alongside this amazing song)

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