Wednesday 21/02/18

Damn she is hot.

Well after being ill for weeks erm I’m still not right, mind you I’ve never been right so erm lol, but I’m not suffering bad side effects for the first time in a month so it’s looking like I’m finally getting myself used to these injections, finally. I’m glad I’ve stuck with it even though I’ve well fucking suffered. So wat have I been up to, well considering I’ve been so unwell not a lot, just watching a lot of footy n tv, been watching Vikings on Amazon prime and im so glad I did, it’s got well more action than game of thrones (fighting not fucking lol) and I did only once watch only the first three episodes awhile ago but watched again and now I’m on season 3 episode 4 lol. The women in it are not bad too lol. Watched city get beat by Wigan n I just knew like a lot of city fans we were gonna lose this, bloody Wigan are bogey team. Watched Chelsea play real well against the mighty Barcelona.

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