Whensdy 27/09/17

I made this but mine was better

Well still feeling ill but managed make a tikka curry n poppadoms after the city game n managed to eat some, drank nowt but water all day, city won two nil against shaktar donesk who actually played really well and gave city a good game.

Not been on online much, so gonna watch more footy tonight but it won’t be man united, I’m not that ill or desperate lol. No idea if my blood tests today are gonna let me use the meds yet cos I’ve been so unwell.


Now my head ache as gone my legs are back with the pain, i think my leg pain 2 day holiday stint towards my head is over n its returned back home lol, sorry for the short blog again today, i will try n add more throughout the day, Might as well stay in the 80s for the song of the day today n I like the pet shop Boys. 

Song of the day, pet shop Boys – always on my mind

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