Whiney wensdy 04/10/17

Pulp Fiction 

First I just wanna wish my mate happy anniversary for yesterday and I hope you guys had a nice day together. Ok well today is the day the vampires at hozzy get there blood outta me, a week late cos it got cancelled cos I was so ill last week. More like they don’t wanna catch it if it was a virus. Well yesterday I spent the day waiting for my lad to bring the pc so I could fit a new psu, only to find out its tonight lol, so I be busy tonight with wires, yay. Roll on Thursday when there is some footy on again, bloody internationals, but hey its footy.

Watched pulp fiction, crocodile Dundee 2 and American pie the reunion yesterday, I don’t watch that many comedies but American pie is the funniest sex comedy since the porky’s films I grew up watching. I wonder whatever happened to Paul hogan of crocodile Dundee fame, I remember him snagging his leading lady in the film, may have to Google that one lol, and pulp fiction and wow what a film, the number of times I’ve watched this, it never gets boring. A fuckin masterpiece,  but I still prefer true romance with the late tony Scott,  yep ridleys brother.

I still ain’t played any games and the ps4 is just wank now as it is hardly ever used just like me lol, so I just switched it off n unplugged it, just left the xbox1s on to watch my films on, as it’s way better than ps4 for the blu ray player.

Song of the day, guru josh – infinity (Nayio bitz remix)

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