Yay 04/09/17

Defeat Malthael in hardcore mode

Well finally beat diablo 3 in hardcore mode at level 54 using the witch doctor and now I’ve got to go into adventure mode and without dying once level up to 70, and then finish off 500 events and nearly the platinum is mine. Went on everybody’s golf for a lil bit and had a round of golf, but eyes are tired so I’m off the console and gonna watch some horror stuff on my tablet on amazon, watched baise moi properly earlier, while kane was asleep on amazon and yep it’s cut to fuck, my dvd is the French uncut version and my version is like a fuckin porno lol


Gonna watch some more bless this house even though I own all the lot on dvd, 70s stuff I love, my favourite era for tv and films, the music was good but only bits of it like rock n the odd bit of pop. I remember being brought up on 3 days of complete electric, 4 days in darkness, tv being on strike, coal, cars, lorries, power, fuckin everything was on strike in the 70s lol, the only thing that wasn’t on strike was Bryant & may and Swan vesta lol. Hope to chat with me mate later today hopefully, so glad we got chatting n can talk bout everyday normal mundane things. So bloody cool to find that.

Well today is the last day of the school holidays, fuckin yes! Lol and kane starts high school. He be cool. And I get my tv back in time for me to watch England vs Slovakia tonight at Wembley,  and ps4 n xbox1s back, my laptop, my ps vita all back with their dad (me) lol. But footy comes first lol. Hope amy n her lil un still having a great time on their jollies. I like humbug rock btw lol. And why is that southern women have such a mint accent and I love how they say certain words.

 Seen my doctor earlier and things are ok health wise, as well as can be expected, well hope my caitlin enjoys her day at alton towers today on the last day of school hols, the lads didn’t wanna go, prefer being online. Jeez kids. Got my dvds ready for tonight, all the stuff I couldn’t watch cos it’s too naughty for kids to see, think I will start with the nurse, lol a naked nurse lol ursula Andress yep the bond girl gets her kit off a lot lol. So basically she is called ursula undress lol, Well after losing for first 40 mins England came back n actually played well in second half and beat Slovakia two one.
Preordered on ps4
So now I’m gonna go on ps4 and carry on with diablo 3 for an hour then I’m gonna watch a dvd cos the kids are back in school and I can watch wat I like now hehe. Caitlin finally got her day out at alton towers n she got on the smiler ride thingy.

Cmon amy and add me back on ps4 n get on dysentry 2 with me. 


Song of the day, a rare classic from 92, Flowered up – Weekender (it’s about working all week just for that weekend, u relate?)

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