Yay its friday 24/11/17

4 days to go

Well today been a strange one, firstly got my naughty side out for a bit today, a little bit, dunno how people would react to my proper naughty side, just funnier than usual, oh yeh yesterday was stuff ya face day in America, even though they do the same for the other 364 lol. Mind you we have guy fawkes night where we celebrate a person who tried to kill parliament and then parliament killed him, go figure lol. Enjoyed my chat as always with the southern sweety, so bloody good to have such a good friend whom I can chat about anything, watched no footy cos I went to watch catch up tv and fallen asleep so I’ve still not watched peaky blinders yet, so today is caitlin coming staying the weekend, love it when she here as we have so much fun together. And today’s tune is by a band I adore, yep they bloody German but they are music geniuses and this track is one of my favs from them.

Song of the day, kraftwerk – radioactivity

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