Yucky day, but the darts 🎯 02/01/18

Yesterday was a real shite day, just a total fuckin garbage of a day, feel so yuck after a bad few days of intense pain I’m now left with the depression side of it n I feel so shit, I’ve basically just sat in silence all day n now in the dark doing nothing at all. No music or tv, I put Everton v man Utd on and turned it off after ten minutes. I then remembered the darts, took my painkillers n grabbed a coffee n chatted a lil while with my friend from down under, London that is lol.

So onto the darts and it’s Phil Taylor’s last night at the darts, I’ve been watching darts since the Bristow n lowe days before the Pdc was even a thing, brought up in a family of dart players for the local pubs, just a reason to drink n go out I always said but I always liked darts, yes I was a Bristow fan n I loved the late little jockey wilson, anyway tonight’s match and Phil got beat by a master class of darts from the unknown rob cross who is not very unknown now. Great match and a nice send off for Phil, I can’t believe some of the nasty shit I read on Twitter about Phil, happy retirement to darts all time best player.

What remains of edith finch 9/10 from me

Still gonna do that top 3 thing, it will take a few more days, I actually went on the ps4 last night and put this little game called what remains of Edith finch and omg was I glued, what an absolutely wonderful piece of story telling about a young woman revisiting her old family home as she recalls or discovers the stories of her deceased family members, I played from beginning to end, the visuals, the music and story, wow. Why I never played this earlier is beyond me, I’m gonna have to let Caitlin play through this and watch her get wrapped up in this story like I did.

Song of the day, animals – House of the rising Sun

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